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The world is constanly exposing us to toxins, fight the toxic overload

Colon Cleansing is the first essential step to beginning a detoxification program

Every year of 120 million Americans suffer from violations of the safe drinking water act

A toxic cell is a sick cell, and a sick cell makes for a sick body

The air is filled with dangerous pesticides, sulphur oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide

The FDA has a list of over 2,500 unnatural food additives deemed "safe" for consumption

One in twenty deaths in the city can be linked to air pollution

Symptoms of PMS increase if the liver is unable to break down hormones due to toxic overload

You are not only what you eat, but also what you absorb

Almost three quarts of lymph fluid are cleaned and purified by the lymph system every 24 hours

Three months is the life span of a red blood cell and each second 2.4 million must be replaced

We breathe 35 pounds of air every day, six times more than our food and drink

Stress releases toxic substances and waste products into your body's systems

Our bodies naturally cleanse every day, but the more toxic we are, the more energy it takes

Parasites are not just a problem of third world countries, we have them too

Toluene, often found in colognes, has been linked to asthma, seizures, and birth defects

Every four minutes, the kidneys will receive the total volume of your body's blood for filtration

Every day your blood is purified 240 times through 1 million tiny filters in the kidneys

Detoxification can help you manage stress

Internal cleasing has been a healing technique for thousands of years

Research by the (WHO) World Health Organization  suggests 60-80% of all cancers are due to environmental chemicals

Over 60,000 synthetic chemicals find their way into our air, food, and water

Your largest organ of elimination is your skin and it acts like a third kidney

Your lungs expand and contract 10-20 times a minute bringing you life, enjoy it