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Let me share with you some of my clients' comments 


"The colonic has helped me in many ways. It helped regulate my bowel movements as well as giving me the non restrictive sensation when the time comes to have a bowel movement. The overall experience with both the colonic process and the therapist was very pleasant. I would definitely recommend it."
Mike P.
"Colon therapy is something I highly recommend. People often fail to realize that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle include proper care of your colon. Diet and other things you may have considered taking to stimulate bowel movement are not nearly as effective as simply cleansing your colon with pure needs a bath too!. Body Basics is a personal, private setting, much more comfortable for you to relax."
Alyssa B.
"I feel like a new person!. I have had stomach problems my whole life, and ever since I've been doing hydrotherapy, I feel so much healthier, and better about myself."
Laura L.
"Colonics at Body Basics with Marian can and will keep your colon clean to help it function well. I've also found an added benefit of colonics in being very relaxing and stress relieving. Marian is well educated in her profession and a warm, caring wholistic person"
Kenny K.
"I've never felt better in my life. I have tried many approaches to helping me relieve my constipation problem, but colonics have truly answered my prayers. God bless Marian and her colonics."
Debra V.
"A monthly visit to Marian for HCT is one of the best things I have done for my health. It has belped me to be regular, it is painless, and one is made to feel comfortable and at ease. Upon completion of HCT one feels totally cleaned out. Remember the old adage"Death starts in the Colon". "  Chuck E.